Double Header: Cast as Claudio in Measure for Measure and wrapped VO for Perfume

Cast in Theater Lunatico' Measure For Measure

Joining my other Shakespeare brother, Sebastian, this summer is the role of Claudio in Measure For Measure, Shakespeare's "problem" play that depicts a young nun in her battle against a self-righteous man of the law as he attempts to exploit her in order for her to free her brother, Claudio (me).

Really looking forward to this role as I get to play a character with zero power in any of the situations I am in. Every interaction is an uphill battle to curry favor as Claudio is a man wrongly sentenced to death without any power to stop it. He must beg, endear, and puff his chest to remain hopeful in situation out of his control.

Even though I've played characters who are mostly reactive to their environment, I've never played a character who goes into every situation as the underdog, and I look forward to that desperation. Every acting teacher I've met as told me that every scene should have high stakes and every character should want things desperately. What could be higher stakes than life or death and wanting desperately to live? It is going to be some powerful stuff.

Look forward to seeing me and Claudio in these situations July 2018

Wrapped Voice Over on Perfume

Did my final acting bits as Jerry in MTG Production's Perfume. First time I got to do voice over with a team who could easily reset where I needed to record instead of me having to run out of my booth to stop recording and start it up again. It was pleasantly easy to just be able to focus on acting.

Final picture should be down in the next couple of weeks and hit the festival circuit shortly afterwards. After that, I'll make sure to link it to here wherever it ends up on the inter-webs.

That's all for now, so until next time, stay goofy and keep hustling.

James Aaron Oh

Selfie during the break in the Voice Over session for Perfume

Selfie during the break in the Voice Over session for Perfume